General terms and conditions of the contract of reservation in the self-catering gîte Les Hôtes du Paradis

PLEASE READ THE GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE CONTRACT OF RESERVATION IN THE SELF-CATERING GÎTE BEFORE CONFIRMING THE RESERVATION. The act of making a reservation will be taken as the confirmation that you have read, understood and approved, for yourself and the people travelling with you, the general terms and conditions of the reservation contract in the self-catering gîte and that you have accepted them. 

Article 1 – General provisions

The customer cannot under any circumstances prevail himself of the right to stay in the premises on expiry of the period laid down in the contract. 

Article 2 – Conclusion of the contract and payment

The reservation will become effective as soon as the customer sends the owners a signed copy of this contract, the amount of the down payment (30% of the overall sum) and the security deposit (guarantee) amounting to 25% of the rental price before the agreed expiry date. The payment of the down payment, which is deemed to be equivalent to the acceptance of the general conditions, can be made in cash, by a cheque drawn on a French bank, bank transfer or PayPal (for a surcharge of 3.52 % plus 0.25 euro covering transaction costs). Bank charges will be borne by the customer. In accordance with legislation, in the event of cancellation by the customer, the down payment will be retained by the owners. Prices are inclusive of all charges except for the local tourist tax. The balance of the rent is payable on arrival. 

Article 3 – Security deposit (guarantee)

The security deposit (guarantee) amounting to 25% of the rental price is payable by cheque at the time of booking (when sending the signed contract). This cheque will not be cashed but will serve as a guarantee in case of damage caused to the premises or total  disrespect of the rules governing life in society. The cheque will be given back to the customer after completion of the outgoing inventory of fixtures or returned within 7 days, after deduction of the costs incurred for restoring the premises or replacing the items or equipment put at the customer’s disposal, if need be. If the deposit does not cover the amount of the damage caused, the customer commits to pay for the difference based on supporting documents provided by the owners.

Article 4 – Use of the premises

Customers must respect the peaceful character of the premises and use them according to their purpose. We kindly remind our guests that they will use the rented property, furniture and equipment in a peaceful and respectful manner without generating nuisance, especially noise, pursuant to the Code civil and Code de la santé publique. Customers agree to return the house in perfect condition at the end of the stay and inform the owners of any damage caused or breakages that may have occurred during the stay. In the event of damage caused to the rooms and/or common areas, the customers agree that part of the security deposit (guarantee) or all of it will be kept to pay for the expenses occasioned by the necessary restoration/refurbishment. The rental can in no case benefit a third party. Access to the swimming pool is free between 10 am and 8 pm. Please respect the swimming rules which are on display. Children bathe in the pool under the sole responsibility of their parents who will not let them enter the pool alone or unsupervised. The establishment is a completely non-smoking environment, with the exception of the guests’ terrace and then with the consent of the other guests. Eating and drinking alcohol in the rooms is not allowed. Access to free secured Wi-Fi is to be understood subject to the respect of the French Hadopi law (High Authority of Diffusion on the Art Works and Protection of Rights on the Internet) [compliance with copyright laws and illegal downloads/downloading]. The owners must supply the premises in line with the description given and maintain them in a good state. 

Article 5 – Number of occupants

The number of customers cannot exceed the maximum accommodation capacity specified in the contract. Nonetheless, the owners may agree to accept more people than initially planned provided the maximum accommodation capacity amounting to 15 is not exceeded. In this case and taking into account the extra expenditure generated by the change in the number of occupants, a supplement may be prorated in relation to the actual number of people. In any case, the local tourist tax is due in accordance with the number of adults staying in the self-catering gîte. 

Article 6 – State of the premises and inventory of fixtures, service included in the price

The state of the premises will be reviewed and the inventory of fixtures made jointly both at the beginning and at the end of the stay by the owners and the customer. Please note that the house cleaning at the end of the stay is included in the rental price. Please also note that neither the bed linen nor the bathroom towels are included in the rental price (optional service that will be invoiced separately. Please refer to the Prices page for details).  

Article 7 – Cancellation terms

Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or email sent to the owners:

  1. a) before commencement date:
  • the down payment will be retained by the owners; however, it may be returned to the customer if the self-catering gîte has been rent for the same period and at the same price;
  1. b) if the customer has not arrived on the day specified in the contract: after 24 hours and in the absence of a notification sent to the owners:
  • this contract is considered as cancelled;
  • the down payment will be retained by the owners;
  • the owners can rent their self-catering gîte to someone else;
  1. c) in the event of cancellation by the owners:
  • the owners will refund the customer twice the amount of the down payment made. 

Article 8 – Arrival and departure

The customer must arrive on the agreed commencement date between 5 pm at the earliest and 7 pm at the latest. If the customer wishes to arrive outside this arrival time schedule (earlier or later), he/she must inform the owners who reserve the right to accept or refuse the desired arrival time. The refusal to accept the desired arrival time cannot, under any circumstances, be considered as breaking or modifying the contract at the owners’ initiative and therefore no refund can be considered. Departures take place by 11 am at the latest. 

Article 9 – Local tourist tax

The tourist tax is a local tax that the customer must pay to the owners who then transfer it in full to the Office of Tourism. For the Communauté de Communes Aunis Atlantique et Aunis Sud (Community of Communes of Aunis Atlantic and Aunis South), it is fixed at 0.90 euro per adult per night in a self-catering gîte.

Article 10 – Shortened stay

In case of a shortened stay at the customer’s initiative other than force majeure, no refund can be considered except for the deposit. Force majeure is recognised if the customer justifies serious reasons making it impossible to continue the rent. In this case, the owners will reimburse the sums already paid corresponding to the occupancy duration not availed of on a pro rata basis. 

Article 11 – Insurance

The customer is to be insured for the premises which are rent to him/her. He/she must therefore check whether his/her domestic insurance policy covers holiday accommodation. Otherwise, he/she should enquire with his/her insurance company. The owners may request an insurance certificate or, failing that, a declaration on honour. 

Article 12 – Pets

Pets are accepted upon prior request made at the time of booking for a daily supplement of 10 euros (maximum price for the whole stay: 30 euros for a stay exceeding 4 days). If the customer arrives at the self-catering gîte accompanied by any pet whose presence has not been requested and authorised, the refusal to accept such pets and their masters by the owners cannot be considered as a modification or a breach of the contract by the owners. Therefore, in case of departure of the customer on the grounds of non-compliance with the announcement of the presence of pets, no refund will be considered. Any pet accepted into the establishment must in no case and at no time be left alone and locked in the room in the absence of its masters. Throughout the stay, pets are under the responsibility of their masters. Dogs must be kept on a leash everywhere within the property. Pet owners must ensure that their pets leave the premises clean and they must clean any droppings throughout the property, including the garden. Customers are informed that the owners have two cats.

Article 13 – Litigation or claims

If the claim relates to the state of the premises or their description, it must be submitted within seven days of the agreed commencement date by registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt or email sent to the owners. The owners and the customer will foster the amicable settlement of disputes. For any other claim, the customer can seize a representing body not subject to any time limit. 

Article 14 – Data protection and GDPR

In accordance with the law of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify data concerning you. Les Hôtes du Paradis undertake not to transmit the information you have communicated to other companies or organisations. Should you provide certain information by which you can be identified, you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You may request access/update/deletion of personal information which we hold about you. To use your rights, please contact us by email. The present conditions of sale are modifiable at any time without notice. The acceptance and the respect of the present general conditions of sale are deemed acquired as from the confirmation of the reservation. 

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